Experience the
great wall

The Great Wall Culture Theme Sharing Event

By telling the stories of yourself, the Great Wall and Beijing in the big foreign clubs in Beijing, we can see how to do the publicity work of overseas marketing well from an international perspective, and show how to tell the story of Beijing well in the way foreigners accept and like from the differences and preferences of eastern and Western cultures.

Activity Time:
Beijing time, August 28, 2020 04:00-05:30 p.m

The Host:
Founder & CEO at True Run Media       Michael Wester


Around 20 foreigners in Beijing dressed in Hanfu will visit the Great Wall at night to learn more about the spirit and culture of the Great Wall, carry out interactive exchanges and experience different cultural tour routes of the Great Wall.

The event will be livestreaming on Facebook @VisitBeijingOfficial.

Activity Time:
Beijing time, August 28, 2020 07:00-08:30 p.m.