Mutianyu Great Wall Tour


Mutianyu Great Wall Is located in Huairou District, about 73 km away from downtown Beijing. It is one of the most-visited Great Wall sections in Beijing and also the essence of the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. The design of the Great Wall is of specialty, for lots of watchtowers, awe inspiring passes and crenels on two of its sides.

The scenic spot is surround by mountains on all of its sides and ornamented by beautiful scenery. In spring, different species of flowers bloom in every corner of the mountain; in summer, all is stunningly green, beautified by gurgling brooks; in autumn, the whole mountain is dyed to red by the fiery red leaves; and in winter, it is covered with purely white snow and the view of north China is completely shown.

Best place to admire the red leaves: Top of the Great Wall

Best time to visit: Mid Oct. – late Nov.

Add: Mutianyu Scenic Spot, Bohai Town, Huairou District, Beijing 

Getting there: Take Bus No. 916 at Wangjing West of Subway Line 13 to Huairou Beidajie, and get on Bus No. h23 to Mutianyu Huandao.