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Please comment on the exclusively online sweepstakes interactive post on Facebook @visitbeijingofficial. Any fan who posts more than 10 words with positive comments will be considered as a valid candidate for the sweepstakes. On the day of the offline event, our guests will select 10 numbers in the sweepstakes box, which respectively represent the order of the comments on the exclusive interactive post on Facebook @visitbeijingofficial. The fan who wrote this comments will win a prize. We’ll post the winners ID on Facebook @visitbeijingofficial and contact the winners to send the prize by delivery.

The comments will be arranged in chronological order, i.e. the first comment in the chronological order of the fans related to the number 1st, and so on. If a comment does not meet the requirements, such as less than 10 words, sales advertising, negative comments will not be included in the comment order.

Activity Time:
From the time when the exclusive online sweepstakes interactive posts have been published to 24:00 on 30 July, 2021

Goody bag with gifts from Beijing

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Johyses Lee
Tamás Bencsik
Anita Kerekes
Elaine B
George Baptista
Shri B Sharma
Jaydee Forder
Aman Singh
Poh Gaik


Tell us your memories of the Great Wall, surprise prizes are waiting for you!

Contest Instructions:
Please submit a photo of yours with the Great Wall in Beijing in comment area of post on Facebook @visitbeijingofficial with the hashtag #GreatWallHero2021. We’ll choose photos to repost, and give Beijing gifts to the people with the chosen photos. They will be contacted via Facebook @visitbeijingofficial and receive their prize by delivery.

Contest Time:
From the time when the contest posts are released to 24:00 on 30 July, 2021.

Contest Prizes:
Beijing goody bag